Elections Clerk Reveals What Really Happened In November

A recently retired election clerk from Wisconsin’s Brown County, says activists from a group funded by Mark Zuckerberg “seized control” of the election in crucial cities, including Green Bay. Long time experts were pushed aside as liberal activists forced last-minute changes that could have broke state law.

“They had no authority to do that., former County clerk Sandy Juno said to Just the News.

According to former clerk, the Zuckerberg-linked group Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) “brought in chaos and unneeded changes to how ballots were processed in Green Bay.”

“We need to get on top of this, because if elections go like this, this country won’t have election integrity., Juno said.

The group gave millions to multiple key Democratic strongholds within Wisconsin in the months before last year’s presidential race, which they said was concerning an effort to shore up voting infrastructure and due to the pandemic. The organization was funded with over a third of a billion dollars by Zuckerberg. Money that was also sent to other election efforts across the nation.

Juno claimed that after the CTCL cash reached Green Bay “the mayor’s office began taking over election processes.”

“And that is not something they have the ability to do., she said, “because under state law, municipal and county clerks, along with the Elections Commission are the people who run elections.”

“As we got closer to the election we saw this outside group coming in and basically trying to change our documents that we use across the state. And these people were not from Wisconsin and had no business doing this., Juno said.

Juno ended by saying that private money “should stay away from the election system.”

This news is especially important because Trump won the state of Wisconsin in 2016, and Biden won the state in 2020 by just 20,000 votes from a total of 2.24 million votes in the state. Is it possible outside groups had something to do with this? We can’t say for certain, but considering what we have learned so far from Arizona’s and Georgia’s audits, I think it is a possibility.

Author: Scott Dowdy