Elon Musk Goes Toe-To-Toe With The Deep State


Elon Musk recently engaged Mike Cernovich, an independent journalist, on his new privately-owned social media network.

Cernovich alerted Musk to Jim Baker, Twitter’s deputy general counsel who formerly worked as the FBI’s general counsel and helped with the creation of Russia-gate.

Baker set up a meeting between Michael Sussmann and the FBI, a partner at Perkins Coie who pushed phony evidence about Trump’s alleged ties to the Russian Alfa bank. Cernovich claims that Baker “facilitated fraud,” while Musk appeared interested in his response during the discussion.

We’ve previously covered how Russia-gate is the biggest scandal in history, and how the deep state was able to get away with major felonies without penalty:

“A fresh document release by Dir. of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has revealed that the Obama White House was aware that Russia-gate was a Clinton campaign strategy, but it still chose to spy on President Trump.”

“One of the papers released by Ratcliffe features handwritten notes from CIA Director John Brennan proving that he was aware that the Clinton campaign fabricated Russia-gate before he led the unlawful spying operation against Trump. He also informed Obama about it, demonstrating that the administration as a whole was working to frame Trump for Russian collusion.”

“Brennan was present at the meeting with former President Obama, former WH Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, former FBI dir. James Comey, and former national security advisor Susan Rice. An unverified source told the CIA about Clinton’s desire to spread lies about Trump being a Kremlin pawn.”

“The second document declassified by Ratcliffe is the CIA’s referral to the FBI about Hillary Clinton’s plan. It was sent to Director Comey as well as notorious loverboy Peter Strzok, who served as Deputy Assistant Dir. for Operations Branch 1 of the Counterintelligence Division at the time.”

“According to The Hill, the heavily-redacted memo implies that the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign using their Crossfire Hurricane fusion cell throughout 2016.”

Musk is flirting with the truth, claiming that he will take over Twitter to fight for freedom. If Musk keeps listening to personalities such as Cernovich, he is on the correct road to discovering the globalist strategy to enslave the world.


Author: Blake Ambrose