Elon Musk’s War With The Biden White House Takes An Embarrassing Turn

The CEO of Tesla Elon Musk is now accusing the SEC of trying to “chill” his free speech.

After Musk stated on Twitter back in 2018 that he wished to take Tesla private, the SEC — which is a federal agency that regulated public markets — reached an agreement with the billionaire to limit his social media use about his company. However, the SEC did not give the $40 million in collected fines to the shareholders and continues to subpoena Tesla about Musk’s social media use, according to a new Thursday filing.

Musk’s attorney said his company believed settling the charges would end the SEC’s “harassment” of Musk, saying the “SEC broke its promises” and is now “weaponizing its consent decree by using it to attempt to harass and censor Elon Musk.”

“The SEC is targeting Elon Musk for neverending investigation mostly because Mr. Musk is an outspoken critic of the Biden government,” the filing says. “The SEC’s outsized work seem calculated to limit his free speech rights rather than to enforce any applicable laws in a normal fashion.”

Indeed, Musk has been an outspoken critic of national political issues — and seems to be against President Joe Biden.

Biden was a proponent of electric vehicles, featuring companies like Ford and GM at certain events and summits. However, the White House is ignoring Tesla — the world’s top electric vehicle maker — because supposedly it’s not unionized.

After an online petition asking President Joe Biden to accept Tesla got traction online, Musk slammed Biden on the internet: “For reasons unknown, Biden is not able to say the word ‘Tesla.’”

Musk also went for the President after his account tweeted footage of himself talking with the CEO of GM, Mary Barra. “I meant it when I said the future would be made in America. Companies such as Ford and GM are building more electric vehicles at home than ever.”

Musk fired, “Starts with a T. Then ends with an A. With ESL in the middle.”

Musk has also offered gave criticism for Biden’s BBB act. The multitrillion-dollar law that was filled with racial and far-left programs.

“I say cancel this bill, do not pass it. That is my recommendation,” said Musk during The WSJ CEO Council Summit. “If this happens or does not happen, we don’t think about it really. Honestly it could be better if the bill does not pass.”

Author: Blake Ambrose