Establishment GOP Supplies Democrats With Unlimited Power

National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) is pushing a plan to give amnesty to possibly millions of illegals eligible for the DACA program.

Two insider sources confirmed to reporters the details of Senator Scott’s plan, which would let DACA illegals permanently resettle in the country by granting them 10 year “conditional permanent” residency before they can get green cards and then American citizenship.

The sources said that Senator Scott has been pushing the amnesty to Republicans requesting their co-sponsorship. It is not clear who or if any other GOP members have agreed to support the amnesty.

The amnesty allows illegals who entered that nation before turning 16-years-old to apply for “conditional permanent resident” status.

Ultimately, the plan would give citizenship to millions of Democrat-voting illegal aliens by the year 2037 if it were passed this year and applications began next year.

Scott’s plan comes as the country deals with a surge of illegals forcing their way through the southern border due to Biden’s stopping of the Remain in Mexico measure, canceling agreements with Central American nations, and harming immigration enforcement.

Almost 100,000 border crossers were arrested by federal officials — a 170 percent increase compared to the same time last year. Meanwhile, Biden’s sanctuary orders are stopping around 9-in-10 deportations.

And in addition, America’s working class are suffering through an unemployment crisis due to lockdowns imposed last year from the Chinese covid virus. Today, there is almost 17 million Americans who are jobless. Their job opportunities are greatly lowered when they are forced to compete against a growing flood of foreign workers.

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