Even Democrats Are Worried About The ‘Missing’ President

President Joe Biden has not had a press conference in the past 43 days, marking the longest time-period at the start of any presidency since at least 100 years.

Even CNN is investigating the issue. With their reporter Kevin Liptak finding that 15 of Joe Biden’s predecessors had a press conference inside of 33 days within taking office.

Biden, who was often critical of former President Trump’s relationship with the media, has been coming up against questions about ignoring the press, including from Obama’s former White House director of global engagement, Brett Bruen.

“He says journalists are critical, yet access to a president is really how we judge how a president views the media,” Bruen said.

Bruen then said that while it might be good in the short term for Joe Biden’s administration to keep control over his appearances, it will also be “counterproductive to the connection that the White House requires with journalists.”

Last week, press secretary Jen Psaki claimed Biden would have a press conference but would not commit to an exact time.

And in January, Psaki expressed to reporters that she was “bringing back transparency to the press room” and said that “reestablishing trust with the public will be our central focus every single day.”

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