Even Democrats Can’t Help But Love DeSantis

The country was shocked when news broke about a mysterious and tragic building collapse in Miami, FL. Rescue workers have been laboring around the clock to find survivors, as local leaders organized recovery plans.

Such an event should be a reason for Americans to put aside their differences to help their common man. But instead, numerous leftist journalists used it as an opportunity to show their partisan hate. A reporter from WaPo made the wild claim that Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, sat on his hands and refused to send in FEMA.

Washington Post reporter Hannah Dreier was one of the main leftist actors who was spreading false information about DeSantis’ response. In a tweet that gained significant traction online, Drier wrote: “FEMA was ready to deploy to the condo collapse almost immediately, and included the crisis in its daily briefing, but didn’t get permission from Gov. DeSantis to get on the ground for a full day.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Not only is this a bald-faced lie, but it inaccurately portrays how FEMA operates. Requests for aid from FEMA come from local leaders, who send them to the state. The state then authorizes requests to the federal agency. Reports indicate this is exactly what happened in Miami. The mayor, Democrat Danielle Levine Cava, signed a local order. DeSantis, in response, signed his order less than an hour later.

Dreier claimed that it took the governor a “full day” to respond is a patent lie, as he approved an emergency declaration on the same day of the event.

Of course, several liberal journalists spread this lie online. This prompted Florida Democrats to come to the aid of DeSantis, knocking down this ugly and deceptive claim. Mayor Cava said the state was at the scene “in force” and local leaders did not “lack for any support.”

Even as Dreier’s claim was debunked, she refused to retract her wild lie or delete the post. So, more figures came out attacking those who spread this nonsense.

Richard Grenell, former Acting Director of National Intelligence: “There’s a saying in America: The Washington Post will always politicize every issue to help Democrats. You have a sickness. This isn’t remotely true.”

Kurt Schlichter, retired U.S. Army Colonel: “I did disaster assistance for years in the Guard. FEMA is a clearing house for major resources when there’s a widespread catastrophe. It’s not a fire department. The fire department is the fire department, and it was deployed instantly. WAPO is lying about @RonDeSantisFL. Again.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Others explained that, in addition to the claim being a lie, FEMA isn’t a first responder group. They are not responsible for rescue efforts or for providing medical aid. They are needed later, to provide assistance to displaced victims of a crisis. So, even the basis for Dreier’s claim makes no sense.

Some commentators speculated that the WaPo reporter was trying to preemptively hurt DeSantis, should he run for president in 2024. Imagine being so politically toxic, so obsessed with Democrats, that you’d lie about a tragedy to influence a future election

And DeSantis hasn’t even announced a candidacy!

This is why Americans despised and distrust the MSM. At every turn, reporters try to spread lies, just to push their politics.
This reporter and everyone like her, should be ashamed.

Author: Matthew Graham