Facebook Prepares To Meet Its MAGA Doom

Top GOP lawmakers sitting on the House Judiciary Committee and Oversight Committee have numerous additional follow up questions after it was proven that Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke heavily with Dr. Fauci about China-sourced coronavirus narrative management. Despite there being evidence to the contrary, Fauci said publicly that the disease was not from a lab and Facebook deleted posts that mentioned a possible lab leak.

Last week’s emails were published after a Freedom of Information Act Request revealed that Fauci was informed in Jan. of 2020 that the virus seemed “possibly engineered.”

“Given Facebook’s obvious censorship of particular COVID-19 content — including news stories about the virus’ possible origin — these emails with Dr. Fauci suggest the possibility that the federal government caused Facebook to remove certain posts which would be a violation of the First Amendment,” Leading Members James Comer and Jim Jordan wrote.

“For well past a year, Facebook has removed various comments and videos about COVID-19. Facebook censored news about COVID-19’s treatment and prevention. It censored comments about Americans’ protests of government-forced quarantines. Facebook also deleted speech concerning COVID-19’s sources.”

“Facebook’s censorship choices were not happening in a vacuum, and there are signs that Facebook might have made content-related choices about COVID-19 at the behest of particular government positions and policies,” the letter said.

“Your request to Dr. Fauci to have him be an ‘expert’ voice for Facebook’s platform means the government’s viewpoint might have been directly guided and caused Facebook’s actions regarding content moderation. This conclusion is helped by Facebook’s approach to their moderation of content. This conclusion is also bolstered by Facebook’s change in its moderation of content connected to COVID-19’s source… the government should not use private firms to help curtail the First Amendment.”

Comer and Jordan are requesting numerous communications and documents between Facebook and Dr. Fauci and employees of the government.

Author: Steven Sinclaire