Facebook Starts Banning Gun Pages

Facebook has removed a very popular Second Amendment page from their website but refused to provide any justification for their ban.

“Now that they did this to us, it’s only a matter of time,” said Philip Van Cleave, president of the group, named the Virginia Citizens Defense League. “We are a popular group and that’s why we were singled out. But for those who are not as popular, I’m sure they’re next to go.”

Facebook admitted banning the group but declined to give a reason for doing so.

“This was the correct action and we will not allow republishing,” Facebook’s Kristen Morea responded.

Van Cleave stated that the group has never advocated violence or even protested the results of the November election. But instead the group was focused on communicating with 2A supporters and keeping them up to date on new legislative efforts.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League says their social media page was used to bring attention to Governor Ralph Northam’s gun control proposals, helping to organize conservatives to block the bill.

The total ban on the group is not the first time they have been targeted by Facebook. Facebook also banned the page last month before restoring the page and saying the ban was made in “error.”

Van Cleave said the company declined to explain the reasoning for its actions even back then, saying that there was a “credible threat that their system can be manipulated by people” if they understand how it worked.

“It’s an ongoing thing: Apologize. Re-activate. Remove it,” Van Cleave said. “It seems like it is just the politics they don’t like.”

Facebook has had ongoing backlash related to its moderation action, which conservatives say is unfarily censoring conservative views.

The company has also been targeted by Democrats claiming it does not do enough to stop what they call extremist content and misinformation.

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