Fauci Embarrasses Himself With Another Mind-Boggling Recommendation

Dr. Anthony Fauci has advocated for months now that Americans should stay masked outdoors to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

“When indoors, make sure you use a mask. When you are outdoors, keep your mask on., he said in August, though he admitted being outdoors was much safer than indoors.

Now, Fauci is backtracking and says he believes the CDC will give updated guidance on face masks outdoors, and says it is “common sense” to rethink the guidance.

Fauci also admits that the risk of getting COVID-19 while outdoors is “minuscule.”

“What I think you are we are going to be hearing soon, is new CDC guidelines., Fauci said. “They don’t want to make new guidelines unless they look at science and the science backs it up.”

“But when you take the common sense approach, the risk is very low, especially if you are vaccinated., he said.

Dr. Fauci’s credibility has been hit many times in recent weeks. When Texas Governor Abbott removed his state’s mask mandate and other covid restrictions, Dr. Fauci said it was “dangerous.” But we didn’t see a surge.

Then, earlier this month, the doctor struggled to explain how the state defied his predictions, arguing that there could be a “lag.” Three weeks after, and there is still no surge in Texas.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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