FBI Director Accuses Trump Supporters Of Being Terrorists

Christopher Wray, the current FBI Director, has accused Trump supporters who trespassed into the Capitol building of terrorism and promised to hold them accountable.

“I was disgusted that our nation’s leaders were victimized here in this very building,” Wray testified before the Senate.

“That was criminal behavior, plain and simple. It’s behavior that the FBI sees as domestic terrorism.”

It was Wray’s first testimony since the events of Jan. 6 —which was a failed attempt to stop Congress from certifying the November election win — which occurred while Trump gave a speech close by, calling on his supporters to protest the election.

Officials have charged over 300 people with crimes ranging from attacking police, conspiracy and obstructing Congress. The events led to five people dying.

It has been reported that fake Trump supporters and antifa members were responsible for these events.

Wray testified to Congress that this is untrue, saying that: “We have not seen evidence of anarchists or people subscribing to antifa connected to the 6th.”

“We will keep looking, but we have not seen any.”

“Everyone involved should take responsibility for their part in that day, including Trump,” the panel’s Ranking Republican member, Charles Grassley stated.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin claimed the government had not done enough to guard against “white supremacists”, and accused Trump of playing down those threats.

He added that Trump “never had a task force to stop these threats” from conservatives, and instead focused on BLM activists.

The FBI has been criticized over why more was not done to protect congress ahead of the trespassing.

On Jan. 5, the FBI’s Virginia office published an intelligence report that warned extremists were planning to disrupt Congress.

Wray said that intelligence was shared with other agencies, but acknowledged he did not get the report until later.

As to why other officials did not see it, Wray responded: “I do not have a good answer to that.”

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