FBI Exposed In The Corruption Scandal Of The Decade

One of the GOP congressmen who lived through a mass shooting at a baseball game in 2017 is demanding the FBI re-investigate the attack after he said during a hearing that the agency had labeled the shooting a “suicide by cop.”

“This conclusion goes against public facts about the man who conducted the attack., Republican Congressman Brad Wenstrup (Ohio), said in a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray. “The shooter had a large social media history showing his hatred of Republicans and President Trump.”

James Hodgkinson shot over 100 rounds into the players and the audience at the game.

He even asked before hand if the players were Republicans or Democrats before opening fire and was caught carrying a list of Republicans and descriptions of their physical appearance. The Republican team was there practicing for a yearly charity game which has happened every year since 1909.

Scalise, who was then House Majority Whip, was injured and almost died. On Wednesday, the Congressman slammed the new conclusion, which Wenstrup claimed had been told privately to congress-members five months after the attack.

“I was shot by an deranged extreme leftist who went seeking out a list of Republicans to assassinate., he said. “This was absolutely not ‘suicide by cop.’”

Author: Blake Ambrose

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