Federal Court Wrecks Democrats Plan To Steal Trump Votes in 2020

By Adam Casalino August 24th, 2019 | Image Source: The Business Times

Their plan was almost complete – then the court dropped the Constitution on it!

Democrats still can’t get over Trump magnificent victory in 2016, and they’re trying to undermine it.

They are so terrified he’ll make a repeat in 2020, that they are trying to bend the rules to give a Democrat the White House.

But are they trying to change the Constitution? No, of course not. They want to force delegates to go along with the popular vote, instead of the votes of their state.

They think with enough states’ support, they can change how our very democracy plays out. It would destroy our election system forever.

But a federal court just poured water on their dumpster fire of a scheme.

From Daily Wire:

The good news is that the 10th Circuit, with its ruling on Tuesday, has telegraphed the beginning of the end of the Democrats’ latest scheme to end the Electoral College. If a state cannot require that its delegates vote in accordance with its own state’s popular vote, it will therefore also never be able to require that its delegates vote in accordance with the nation’s popular vote.

Boom. A 10th Circuit Court ruling prevented one delegate from Colorado from voting for John Kasich instead of Hillary Clinton.

The court ruled that this delegate had to vote for the person who won the state’s popular vote.

This might not seem significant. But it strikes a major blow against states who want to destroy the Electoral College.

Because this ruling means delegates cannot vote for anyone but the person that won the state’s votes, not the bogus national popular vote.

Numerous states in the country want to use their Electoral votes for whoever wins the popular election. That’s in violation of the Constitution.

Each state has a say in who becomes the president. Just because high-population regions like New York and California decide one thing, doesn’t mean that the rest of the country has to go along with it.

The Electoral College was created so that a few states can force their will on the entire country. If someone wants to become president, they have to win the support of Americans all over the country.

They can’t just pander to metropolitan centers.

But Democrats, trying to find a way to cheat the system, just want CA and NY to decide our next president.

So much for the rest of the country, huh?

We shouldn’t be surprised. This is how Democrats have behaved for years. Like spoiled kids, they want to change the rules until they win no matter what.

But this court ruling sets a precedent that state’s electoral votes can’t go to just anyone. They have to obey the will of the state’s voters.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Federal Court Rules Against Democrats – Hammers National Plan To Steal Trump Vote

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