Federal Indictments Announced — And Guess Whose Name Is In The Documents?

The special counsel which is tasked with looking for the origins of the Russia collusion hoax perpetrated against Trump has reportedly given more indictments in a federal court.

A federal grand jury brought together by John Durham, the former U.S. Attorney, issued these indictments after the indictment of Hillary Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann, according to reports from CNN.

CNN says the news about the indictments come from “people familiar with the matter.”

The subpoenas for documents were sent earlier this month after Durham charged Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann with lying to the FBI during a Sept. 2016 meeting.

In seeking more documents from Sussmann’s former law firm, Perkins Coie, investigators seem to be sharpening their attention on the Democratic political machinery during their 2016 campaign and attempts to connect Trump to Russia.

Durham also seems to be going deeper into the workings between Perkins Coie and the person known as “Tech Executive-1,” who used the government contract, apparently with the DOD, to create the Trump Russia connections.

Techno Fog has been working to connect the dots between this new indictment and the reporting from the NY Times alleging that “Tech Executive-1” is Rodney Joffe, who is also a client of Perkins Coie. Joffe attempted to frame Trump using DNS data he allegedly took from the Defense Dept..

Reporter Chuck Ross said on Twitter that these fresh indictments, which are still hidden, might explain why another Dem attorney, Marc Elias, left Perkins Coie before Sussman’s indictment led to his firing from the firm.

Elias is the Hillary Clinton attorney who payed Fusion GPS, which then payed former British spy Christopher Steele, to create the “evidence” needed of Russia collusion using a “dossier” and sent it to reporters and intel. operatives.

Some think the plan to smear Donald Trump with the fake Russian scandal was done to distract from the Clinton email scandal, which was huge leading up to the election. Clinton wiped thousands of emails against the House’s legal order to keep them.

She was apparently willing to give millions to create a deep state conspiracy to paint Trump as worse than she is.

Indeed, everyone, including the media, intel. community, DOJ, and FBI were very happy to help her.

And now this latest series of indictments seem to show that Durham has yet more people in his legal crosshairs.

Author: Scott Dowdy