Federal Judge Rules In Favor Of Churches — Overturns Democratic Governor’s Order

By Adam Casalino May 15, 2020 | Image Source : Patriot Journal

By now, numerous states have reopened after a month of lockdowns. But there are blue states keeping many businesses—and houses of worship—shackled.

Despite positive news concerning the virus (despite what you hear from CNN), these Democrat governors are denying Americans the right to practice their religion.

But one federal judge is dropping his gavel in favor of the faithful. And he’s knocking down the Kentucky governor’s order.

From WHAS11:

A federal judge has made a late-night ruling, saying churches in Kentucky can hold in-person services on Sunday. This comes two weeks before Governor Andy Beshear said those services could resume on May 20.

Judge Greg Van Tatenhove ruled in favor of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Nicholasville, Kentucky which argued the governor’s ban on in-person church services was unconstitutional.

Bam! A federal judge gave a late-night verdict on Gov. Beshear’s order keeping churches closed until May 20.

It appears the judge sided with Tabernacle Baptist Church, stating the order banning in-person services was un-Constitutional.

Let’s get real here: if we can stay safe in restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping centers, why can’t we stay safe in churches?

Americans aren’t dumb. We know the risks of catching a disease. More than that, the threat of the virus is quickly diminishing. Why can’t churchgoers worship together, while protecting the most vulnerable?

It appears Gov. Beshear—like so many other Democrats—doesn’t think churchgoers are able to protect themselves. He seems all too eager to lockdown our First Amendment rights, while other institutions reopen.

What is this really about? Are Democrat leaders really concerned anymore about the virus? Or is this an excuse to clamp down on rights they never seemed all that happy about, anyway?

We’ve seen liberal governors and mayors take huge steps to control how we live during this situation. It seems they couldn’t trust their own people to make the right decisions.

They just had to shut us down, or else.

I think we all know the results of that policy. About 30 million of us do, at least.

Thankfully, we are seeing more and more judges rule in favor of Americans. They seem to agree that a virus is no excuse for the government to rob us of our Constitutional rights.

Hopefully, the rest of these blue states will get the memo.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Federal Judge Overrules Democrat Governor – Says Church Services Can Restart In The State Of Kentucky

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