Federal Judge Stops Biden From Targeting White People

A federal judge has temporarily stopped President Biden’s $4 billion relief program which excluded white farmers, saying in the order that the policy was racially discriminating against white people.

U.S. District Judge Marcia Howard agreed with Scott Wynn, a white farmer in Flordia who sued the federal government to stop the program in May. The Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) policy was originally enacted in March as part of Democrats’ $1.9 trillion relief package, with the alleged intention of helping farmers, so long as they weren’t white. The program was marketed as being aimed at “socially disadvantaged farmers.”

“This rigid, race-based qualification is the antithesis of flexibility., Howard said. “The debt relief provision is strictly about racial grounds irrespective of other factors.”

However, Howard did go on to say the program will continue giving relief until it has sorted out the provisions seen as unconstitutional. She also mentioned the discriminatory history that some minority farmers have faced, but stated that anti-white discrimination was not the right way to fix the issue.

“It is undeniable — and uncontested by both of these groups — that USDA had a bad history of discrimination against minority farmers., Judge Howard said. “It seems that in creating Section 1005, Congress is relying on more discrimination to solve past discrimination., she said.

“On the record, it seems that while enacting Section 1005’s strict race-based financial relief remedy Congress moved too fast to solve the history of discrimination, but did not do this with enough care., she added.

The ruling comes only two weeks after a Wisconsin judge gave a similar ruling about a suit that was brought by numerous white farmers saying that they should be included in the relief policy.

With Biden touting unity, it’s hard to imagine anything more divisive than financially targeting a racial group, his own racial group, for the sins of the past.

Author: Scott Dowdy