Foreign Plot To Release More ‘Viruses’ Revealed

Critics of China have warned that the nation might attempt to release more viruses in the future after it sees how the current pandemic was dealt with. During a recent interview, Gordon Chang talked with Steve Bannon and claimed China was never held accountable for releasing coronavirus onto the world.

Chang further questioned if China wanted to hide the fact that it was accidentally released. Chang warned this will possibly not be the last virus that will come from China.

“Xi Jinping now understands he can spread a virus at no cost,” Chang said. “So we’ve got to create deterrents. And deterrents are important right now because China is working on a virus that will leave the Chinese people alone – they will be immune – but the virus will attack everyone else.”

Meanwhile, GOP Rep. Brian Mast from Florida has proposed a bill that urges America and other nations to withhold funds from China in response to coronavirus.

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