Forensic Audit Is The Final Nail In Biden’s Coffin

More than 500 Republicans in Georgia have sent a message pushing Governor Kemp to perform a complete audit of the 2020 election.

The letter, signed by 531 GOP leaders, activists and delegates to the Georgia Republican convention, asks for an “independent audit to happen through the use of a Special Session.”

“We believe anyone with a problem with a statewide audit has something to hide,” the letter says. “Our goals are: we wish to discover the underlying issues that happened last year and guarantee we never make the same mistakes ever again.“

These Republicans are making the statement that “many people in Georgia did not possess” the “right to understand your vote matter” because “officials in both parties mismanaged the election, and because of this, the integrity of our election is now in question.”

Congressman Vernon Jones, a former Democrat himself, who is challenging Kemp for governor, along with tea party leader Debbie Dooley wrote the letter. Kemp’s office is pushing for the fraud of 2020 to be ignored for the purpose of moving forward.

“To make it easy to vote and difficult to cheat in the state of Georgia, Governor Kemp was glad to sign S.B. 202,” Kemp’s press secretary, Mallory Blount, said.

“By requiring an ID to vote as an absentee, securing drop boxes, and ensuring complete ballot tabulation on Election Day, Governor Kemp took the needed steps to restore trust in Georgia’s election. While he was disappointed with the 2020 election outcome, he is focused on making sure that future Georgia elections are secure and safe,” she added.

Real Republicans are demanding a legitimate investigation right now, but the RINOs are blocking our path. It is happening in Georgia just like the rest of the nation. Treasonous interests inside the Republican part reveal when they are under pressure. It’s up to us Patriots to hold the line.

Author: Scott Dowdy