General Milley Calls For Deep State Backup Against Trump

Despite pretending to be a supporter of President Trump, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) is making excuses for the disloyal and potentially treasonous actions of General Milley, Joint Chiefs Chairman.

While serving in this position under President Donald Trump, Milley was a part of a coup against his president. He reportedly planned with House Speaker Pelosi (CA), forced military officials to promise an unconstitutional oath to him, and even worked with Chinese officials to guarantee they would get alerted about sensitive U.S. decisions.

“Well, number one, I do not want to try General Milley or anybody else in the media… Before we court martial someone, let’s get some evidence. I want to hear from General Milley,” Graham said during his Fox News appearance.

The weasel Graham is hiding the fact that Milley’s team defended the call, giving no clarifications about the reports, as being “important to helping mutual understanding of United States national security interests, lowering tensions, giving clarity and ensuring unintended conflict does not happen.”

Graham did his usual in this media appearances: made excuses for the terrible actions of deep state officials inside the military-industrial complex.

“Generals speak to generals a lot about the state of military exercises… If the content was we have a shaky president, I promise you that we will not attack but if he does do something crazy, I will give you a notice, then that is completely unacceptable,” the neocon senator said, speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

The video can be seen here:

We have reported on Senator Graham being the shill for the deep state with a track record of failure going back decades:

“Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) for the neocon’s dishonesty about Afghanistan for years.”

“Kabul fell in one day. The Afghanistan President, got on a plane with money and fled the country, and most of us were very surprised by this since for 20 years, the establishment and its many supporters in Congress have guaranteed us that everything was ok. We are building a democracy. We are doing great. That is what trillions in taxpayer money bought,” Carlson said during his show.”

Author: Scott Dowdy