Global Elites’ Secret ‘Underworld’ Leaks — You Need To See This


Even as people of the world continue to struggle with the pandemic lockdown, members of the French elite, possibly including government leaders, have been video taped going to a rulebreaking secret restaurant in the French capital.

French media outlet M6 aired secretly captured video of secret dinners happening at a “secret restaurant located in an elite part” of Paris.

The video reveals guests not wearing masks and openly violating social distance guidelines. There also seems to be no limits on the amount of guests.

According to an anonymous source of such events, they are happening two or three times per week with guests including certain members of the government.

This is just the most recent example of members of government and other elites in western nations avoiding the same lockdown measures they are imposing on other people.

Last month, John Kerry was seen removing his mask as soon as he got onto a flight.

An President Biden also broke his own rule when his family had a large photo-op on federal grounds without wearing masks.

California Governor Newsom’s blatant hypocrisy was also exposed when he was seen on camera without a mask while eating indoors at a top restaurant with 12 people during a time when he was ordering Californians to only celebrate Thanksgiving outdoors.

Author: Steven Sinclaire


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