Global Power Players Issue Shocking Insults To Biden

Nile Gardner, a former top aide to former British PM Margaret Thatcher has slammed President Biden this Sunday amid the chaos happening on the ground in Afghanistan.

Gardner is considered to be a foreign policy expert by some and has testified many times before in Congress.

Gardner replied to Biden’s Afghanistan disaster in a series of tweets he published yesterday, including the following:

“Clueless and going down fast. President Biden has turned into an embarrassment on the world stage, and his terrible leadership is a gift to the enemies of Democracy, from Beijing to Kabul. America has never been weaker.”

“A huge collapse of American leadership on the global stage. Biden will go down among the biggest failures in presidential history.”

“Biden has humiliated the U.S. on the world stage. This will haunt America for decades.”

“Joe’s Saigon moment. A total disaster delivered by the weakest and most liberal president in American history.”

“President Biden has humiliated the U.S., undermined their allies, and handed a big gift to America’s enemies, from al Qaeda to the Taliban and Islamist terror groups around the world.”

We reported this Sunday that former White House doctor Ronny Jackson, who worked under both Presidents Trump and Obama, called out Biden for avoiding the American people during the collapse of Afghanistan.

Jackson replied to Biden’s absence by tweeting: “OUTRAGEOUS! He needs to speak to the nation TONIGHT.”

“If he is not mentally capable of dealing with this crisis, he must resign IMMEDIATELY,” Jackson said. “America deserves more than this – OUR VETERANS DESERVE MORE THAN THIS! Come out of hiding from Camp David!”

Former President Trump slammed Biden on Saturday over the situation, calling it a “disgrace,” and then called on Biden to resign this Sunday.

“What Biden has done in Afghanistan is legendary. It will be seen as the greatest defeat in our history!” Trump said. “It is time for Biden to disgraceful for what he let happen in Afghanistan, along with the huge surge in the virus, the Border problem, the vanishing of our energy independence, and our ruined economy.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire