Globalists Accelerate White Genocide Like Never Before

Olaf Scholz, the German Chancellor, announced that multiple citizenships will be allowed by his government. Which means, immigrants can obtain German nationality and keep their existing nationality.

Scholz stated during the first speech that he made to parliament since he took Angela Merkel’s place, that Germany is “a country of immigration” that must improve integrating new arrivals.

In his speech, Scholz made an integrationist agenda. His speech comes against Germany’s controversial decision to open its borders for Syrian refugees and other migrants.

Scholz said, “It’s time we understand ourselves. So, it is time we make becoming a German citizen easier. It is only by doing this that we can make political participation and full integration possible.”

Migration to Germany went through the roof in 2015 with over 2.1 million new arrivals and 1 million departures during the year, mainly driven by the inflow of refugees.

Merkel admitted that her government messed up the refugee crisis as it became more clear that the Middle Eastern conflicts were producing a mass exodus of people.

Migrant flows have lowered in the following years, especially after the Wuhan virus hit. Tim Wallace stated, emigration fell slightly under 1 million and immigration fell to 1.2 million, which caused a net immigration of 200,000, the smallest level since the year 2010.

At the moment, Germany is 87 precent German. But with migration uncontrolled those numbers may go down precipitously during the next few decades. There are sizable migrant groups like Turks, which have a number from 4 to 7 million, that are known for leveraging their ethnic connections to change German policy in a way that helps their Turkish homeland.

Germany is experiencing a major migration onslaught that may very well dramatically transform its socio-economic and political landscape for decades to come, just like the rest of the west. Its leaders would be smart to start taking the immigration question more seriously. This is a political problem that could result in the end of the German civilization along with the rest of the West if the mass migration floodgates are continued to be left open.

Author: Scott Dowdy