Globalists Directly Target Bank Accounts Of Trump Supporters

The Justice Minister of Canada, David Lametti, has said that Trump supporters who gave money to the “Freedom Convoy” should “be concerned” about having their bank accounts being frozen.

Talking to CTV News, when Lametti was asked if normal citizens who gave money to the “Freedom Convoy” protests against the vaccine mandates should be concerned about having their money frozen by the globalist government, Lametti went for pro-Trumpers. The reporter asked:

“Many people might ask, I just do not like your mandates and I gave money to this protest, now it’s illegal, should I be concerned that my bank account could be frozen?’ What is your response to that?”

“Well, I believe if you are a part of a pro-Trump movement who has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions to this sort of thing, they should be worried,” responded Lametti.

Lametti also stated that truckers might lose their trucking license if they go along with the protests or if their company allows them to take part in the protest.

This declaration comes after Canadian PM Justin Trudeau evoked his emergency powers to stop the protests that have crippled the nation in recent weeks in defiance of their government’s covid vaccine mandates. Among the many actions that Trudeau would be taking, his administration said people who took part or gave money to the protest might have their bank accounts frozen.

“This is all about following the money. About stopping the financing of these blockades,” Trudeau’s Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland said at a media conference this week. “We are today serving a notice if your truck is a part of these illegal blockades your business bank accounts will be frozen.”

“The insurance on your truck will be suspended,” she said. “Send your trucks home, the Canadian economy requires them to do real work, not to illegally make us all poor.”

Despite this pushback, several Canadian leaders have started to scale back covid restrictions, with Ontario Premier Doug Ford saying this week the “the world is done” with the covid pandemic while promising to “move forward.”

Author: Scott Dowdy