Google Moves To Literally Takeover Your Keyboard

To assist customers to eliminate offensively incorrect terms and phrases, Google has announced the introduction of an “inclusive language” option.

Google is rolling out a new assisted writing feature for “enterprise-level” users that includes both suggestions and warnings, according to the announcement.

When entering a term that may be offensive to some readers, such as “landlord,” the program offers warnings and suggestions for replacement phrases like “proprietor” or “property owner.”

Text-editing in the Google inclusive language.

Google also objects to the phrase “mankind,” proposing that it be replaced with “humankind.”

Furthermore, the words “housewife” and “policemen” and will be corrected, and Google will advocate using gender-neutral alternatives like “stay-at-home spouses” and “police officers.”

The newest software, strangely, appears to be directed only at a specific kind of communication breach.

For example, a transcribed conversation with ex-KKK leader David Duke, during which he uses racist epithets and discusses hunting blacks, prompted no warnings, maybe out of consideration for the similar language in rap songs.

The program did, however, suggest changing John F. Kennedy’s inaugural speech by replacing “for all mankind” with “for all humanity.”

“Google’s new word warnings are not helpful; they are really intrusive,” said Silkie Carlo, of campaign group Big Brother Watch.

“This speech policing is highly ineffective, creepy, and unethical. It frequently validates prejudice,” Carlo added.

“Our technology is continuously evolving, and we still don’t have a solution to identifying and reducing all undesirable word connections and biases,” said a Google representative [spokesperson].

This goes to show that liberal leaders are afraid of the people freely communicating on the open internet. Is there something they want hidden? Some big truth they want to be stopped from spreading?

Many people think this concerns the fact that every white country and only white countries has forced open borders. Plus the fact that white people are a global minority at 5-10% of the worldwide population. It looking more and more as though mass immigration is not just capitalism but something far more sinister and deadly. Time is running out for the globalists in charge, and they want to censor discussion as much as possible.

Author: Scott Dowdy