GOP Governor Uses ‘Emergency’ Powers To Ambush Biden

Within the chaos surrounding the Chauvin verdict on Tuesday was GOP Arizona Governor Doug Ducey revealing that he was no longer waiting for Biden to take action against the worsening problem at the southern border.

Biden’s only “aid” so far was to put VP Kamala Harris in charge of it, only to then have her suddenly disappear. He then moved to solve the flood of illegals by forcing police to use more “inclusive language” when talking about illegals.

Ducey announced he was giving a Declaration of Emergency and ordering the Arizona National Guard to the southern border. While making this announcement, the governor did not hide his frustration with the Biden team, saying, “It is clear there is no plan. They cannot even agree that this is a crisis.”

It most definitely is a crisis. Here is his full announcement video:

Author: Blake Ambrose

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