GOP Internal Feud Reaches a Boiling Point

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Calif., and Congresswoman Liz Cheney, Wyo., who are still opponents over former President Trump’s future in the Republican party, met at an annual policy retreat which was created to unite the party.

Tensions hit a boiling point after McCarthy went after Cheney during his press conference on Tuesday.

“I believe if you are at a retreat that’s focused on policy and ensuring the next century belongs to America and you are discussing something else, then you are not being productive., he said.

McCarthy said Cheney’s comments distract from Republicans’ policy agenda by her need to criticize Trump.

McCarthy’s words followed Cheney’s announcement earlier in the week that she would not rule out running for president in 2024.

McCarthy responded that her running for president is “for the conference” to answer, and that they would decide if she was fit for leadership.

McCarthy no longer goes to weekly joint leadership conferences, evidence of more weaknesses in the relationship between Cheney and himself.

That weakness was apparent when the two traded words in February over Trump speaking at the annual CPAC meeting.

Cheney has repeatedly claimed Trump should have a future place in the party going forward.

Her ardent anti-Trump words, including her “yes” vote to impeach Trump, has also put her at odds with other Republicans who accused her of giving Democrats the ammunition to go after the party.

“People may have different opinions. … Liz can vote her conscience. But at the end of the day, we will be united., McCarthy stated about her impeachment vote.

Despite the problems, both Republicans claim the party is unified, with McCarthy and Cheney highlighting Republicans’ border, energy and China plans.

Meanwhile, President Trump was not invited to the retreat.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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