GOP Lawmaker Launches Ingenious Plan To Connect Southern Border Security To Ukraine

This weekend, United States Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-Mont.) put forward a new law that would stop the Biden admin. from sending military help to Ukraine until America’s southern border is secured.

Fox News said the Secure America’s Border First Act would stop the United States from monetary commitments of personnel to help Kyiv in staving off invasion until we have “operational control” of the southern border.

“I believe it is quite hypocritical for someone in Congress to be willing to spend money to secure a border thousands of miles away while they are not willing to secure our own border,” Rosendale said during an interview. “And we are seeing not a threat, but a total invasion that is happening right now.”

“We have war hawks all over and on both sides willing to spend American blood and money in Ukraine,” Rosendale said, “What I am saying is we are not obligated and so at least the minimum we could do is secure our own border first if you are going over there.”

Rosendale’s law stipulates that no money be given to Ukraine until the federal government completes building the wall and gets “operational control.”

Stressing the recent influx of illegals, Rosendale said, “We saw an invasion over the past year of two million people coming into the country, we are not even sure how many were successful, so let’s build the wall, let’s get control, and then we could have a conversation about what we are doing overseas about securing another nation’s border.”

During the 2016 election, then-candidate Trump made protecting the border an important part of his campaign. After winning election, he signed an executive order to “protect the border with the immediate building of a physical wall” and give additional resources to southern border officials so they could effectively enforce the nation’s immigration laws.

Since Joe Biden was elected president, the open border agenda has gotten much worse. In 2021, there were almost 2 million illegals.

Many of the illegals coming in are given preferential treatment by the Biden government. They are being moved into the nation’s interior to places that are “too white” and that “need more diversity.”

The Biden White House’s disregard for immigration laws puts the safety of police officials at risk. Several GOP-led states formed a coalition of states seeking an injunction to force the White House to secure the nation’s southern border.

Author: Steven Sinclaire