GOP Lawmakers Tackle ‘Woke’ Liberal Company

The GOP is reportedly targeting this “woke” company after they spoke out against Georgia’s new election reform law which fortifies elections in the state.

A group of Republican legislators from Georgia is seeking to remove all Coca-Cola Company products from their offices. The eight GOP state House representatives sent a letter to Kevin Perry, president and CEO of the Georgia Beverage Association, requesting that the products be removed from their offices immediately in response to Coca Cola’s participation in the campaign to “cancel” the Peach State.

The lawmakers characterized the beverage giant’s move to criticize the law as an intentional attempt to mislead Georgian residents and further divide the state.

“Upon the passage of the ‘Election Integrity Act of 2021,’ your company has made the conscious decision to perpetuate a national dialogue which seeks to intentionally mislead the citizens of Georgia and deepen a divide in our great State,” the lawmakers wrote.

“We have the responsibility to all of Georgia to not engage in those misguided intentions nor continue to support corporations who choose to. SB 202 expands early voting opportunities, provides a pathway to ensure shorter voting lines, secures the use of drop boxes which otherwise would be illegal, as well as several other provisions allowing all Georgians greater access to fast, secure, and transparent elections.”

“Given Coke’s decision to cave to pressure from an out of control cancel culture, we respectfully request all Coca-Cola Company products be removed from our office suite immediately,” they demanded.

They added that they would reengage with the company should Coca-Cola decide to “read the bill, share its true intentions and accept their role in the dissemination of mistruths.”

Almost as if it was coordinated, a number of corporations have spoken out against the new election reforms which the Democrats are trying to brainwash the American people into believing is a form of voter suppression.

Corporations like Coca-Cola are doing their part to help sell the left’s lie that this new Georgia law makes it harder to vote in the state.

Coca-Cola Company chairman and CEO James Quincey released a statement on Thursday bashing the reforms.

“We want to be crystal clear and state unambiguously that we are disappointed in the outcome of the Georgia voting legislation. Throughout Georgia’s legislative session we provided feedback to members of both legislative chambers and political parties, opposing measures in the bills that would diminish or deter access to voting,” Quincey said.

While Democrats, some civil rights activists, and other critics say the law would disproportionately impact minority groups’ access to voting, Georgia officials say the law seeks to streamline vote-counting procedures, ensure election integrity and legal votes, and includes some provisions to expand voting access.

On Saturday, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp condemned the attempts to ostracize his state but expressed his resolve to stand his ground amid the public row.

“Free and fair elections are the foundation of who we are as a state and a nation. Secure, accessible, fair elections are worth the threats, they are worth the boycotts, as well as the lawsuits,” Kemp told reporters during a press conference on April 3.

“I want to be clear. I will not be backing down from this fight, and neither are the people who are here with me today.”

Meanwhile, the corporate backlash has been met by calls for counteraction by prominent Republicans, including former President Donald Trump, who is urging Republicans and conservatives to stand firm and to hold their own boycott against the companies seeking to “cancel” Georgia.

Author: Duke Hensworth

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