GOP Shifts Left In The Worst Way Possible

The California GOP Party is now reportedly set to create a new vaccine passport system for anyone who wants to attend its upcoming April convention in the city of Anaheim, drawing national scrutiny from many conservatives who want and expect the GOP Party to give an alternative to the covid social crediting system and the enforcement of medical mandates on the American public.

California congressional hopeful Errol Webber showed that he had learned the California convention was going to use a vaccine passport, in which the Republican attendees would either be forced to give proof of vaccine status or a negative coronavirus test to enter the event.

The California GOP Party has struggled to give an alternative to liberal governance in California, losing even more seats in congress in the previous 2018 midterms and not providing any great challenge to Dem Governor Newsom in the recall election last year. After Newsom’s victory over Larry Elder, it seems that the CAGOP is destined to eschew any good attempt at the California governorship in 2022.

The party has not formally announced the enforcement of any vaccine passport system for the convention just yet. It is possible the rumored planned mandate might still be removed in response to the backlash from conservative activists, several of whom spoke of their displeasure with the new development on social media after Webber’s claims.

This comes as more and more Americans are becoming angry about the Democrats out of control vaccine mandates being forced, or attempted to be forced, onto people all over the nation.

As Democrats’ approval ratings fall, and Republicans gain steam in support and potential voters, it is shocking to see a GOP group support the vaccine mandates for their own people, even if it is in a blue state. The California GOP conference could have been held in another state instead. Which would be a great sign of the times for how far America has fallen under Joe Biden and his team of left-wing radicals.

But instead, there are no doubt left-leaning “conservatives” trying to muddy the water between the GOP and Democrats.

Author: Blake Ambrose