GOP Social Media Platform Proven To Be A Liberal-Owned Fraud

Jason Miller, who is the CEO of GETTR, has welcomed far-left anti-white operatives who work for the SPLC to his social media platform right after banning conservative dissidents.

“How large is #GETTR? Even the SPLC is now here! Welcome!” Miller said in reply to doxxing pro Michael Hayden after he published on the tech platform.

“More SPLC! Welcome to Hannah! Unlike the other social media platforms, your voice will be guarded here. We may not agree on very much, but hopefully you will find #GETTR a lot more inviting than the cesspool at Twitter,” Miller said to SPLC senior researcher Hannah Gais after she signed up for GETTR.

While Miller brings out the red carpet to hand over a platform to the liberal enemies of America and vicious anti-whites, his platform preemptively removes conservative dissidents who are frequently targeted by liberal censorship and other repressive rules by the globalist regime.

We have reported on how Miller banned conservative blogger Nick Fuentes because of his reputation alone:

“The Trump-friendly platform Gettr is getting market share quickly as Twitter embraces liberal Draconian censorship.”

“Gettr recently got a huge boost in traffic after Joe Rogan signed up for the platform.”

“Just in case stuff over at Twitter gets worse, I am here now. Rejoice!” Rogan said in his first post on the social media platform.”

This led to over 500,000 fresh signups at Gettr from people who support open dialogue, but a new moderating choice has called Gettr’s alleged principles into question.

Conservative blogger Nick Fuentes was immediately banned from the platform right after joining with his following of “Groypers” being blacklisted too.

Fuentes has been removed from Twitter, DLive, YouTube, and all other mainstream tech platforms after helping organize “Stop the Steal” rallies, including the now famous Capitol demonstration on January 6. His reputation caused him to be banned on Gettr, which angered his people and offended neutral observers…

Based on their content policies, it does not look like GETTR is all that different than their Big Tech competitors. It seems to be a weird Chinese billionaire who is calling the shots when it comes to GETTR, and early signs show reveal they are against free speech.

Author: Steven Sinclaire