GOP Threatens Biden With Total Blockade

Republican Senator Ted Cruz (Texas) said he will block more of President Biden’s nominees as he stands up against the Nord Stream 2. 

This week, Cruz announced his plans to delay the confirmations of Wendy Sherman and Brian McKeon and to pressure Biden into doing “more on Nord Stream 2.”

Lawmakers from both parties have condemned the pipeline’s construction from Germany To Russia, fearing it would allow Russia too much power over Europe. Cruz claimed the sanctions passed by Congress were good and President Biden should stick to those plans.

“And after the last several months, Putin has started building the pipeline yet again,” Cruz said. “And he has done so because of Biden’s mixed signals on whether they will follow the bipartisan law, which was passed overwhelmingly with huge support.”

White House officials say Biden is against the pipeline, but has not yet given a formal statement on the issue.

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