[Graphic] Residents Ambush BLM Agitators, Forcibly Toss Them Out Of City

By Wayne Dupree Leahy July 31, 2020 | Image Source : Life Zette

Black Lives Matter (BLM) agitators keep pushing the envelope. They really want to get their meat-hooks into the suburbs.

So, once again, rioters made their way out of Portland —especially now that police are fighting back and federal authorities are protecting courthouses— and tried to overtake Springfield, Oregon.

However, they probably didn’t expect residents to resist and push them out—that’s precisely what happened.

Warning—graphic language in the following video:

Sorry, BLM, but middle-class, hardworking Americans are not interested in your faux activism and very real communism and violence. Keep that garbage in liberal-run urban hell-holes, where it belongs. Like the Springfield residents chanted, “Whose streets? Our Streets! Whose streets? Our streets!”

Author: Wayne Dupree

Source: Life Zette: WATCH: Suburban residents rise up, push BLM agitators out of Springfield, Oregon

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