[GRAPHIC] Video Reveals Taliban Slaughtering People Door-To-Door

Now that the U.S. government’s last aircraft has left and Americans and allies were abandoned in the process, the Taliban are supposedly going house to house and murdering residents.

Originally reported on Fox News, a video published by an Afghan citizen filmed a video featuring gunshots which can be heard close by.

“I believe there’s a conflict with the Taliban, I have no clue where I am located. From everywhere I hear shooting. I don’t know how to leave,” the man who recorded the video said.

That the Taliban are now going door to door and murdering people is coming from an unnamed top United States official. Fox News said the worst of the Taliban violence was kept out of Kabul due to the media attention at the time. With the removal of the United States, it is possible that the Taliban will start resuming routine activities like executions.

Last week, a former translator for a top-ranking U.S. Army Ranger said to Fox News that the Taliban had begun executing allies of America in places away from Kabul.

“They are not doing the bad stuff inside Kabul right now because there is too much media attention on Kabul, but they already started executions in other provinces where the media is not there to cover it,” the interpreter reported.

The Taliban is very wary of the media and wishes to manipulate people as much as possible. For example, the Taliban recently stated one of their top concerns as a new government is “climate change,” which is a funny lie, but might work on people inside the media and some global warming alarmists.

This news adds more credibility to the reported list that was given to the Taliban by the United States government filled with names of American citizens and American allies all the more real and dangerous. With no one there to see, the Taliban could torture anyone who was abandoned by the Biden government’s fast retreat. This makes the claims of a list being used as a “kill list” possibly true.

This might be among the greatest betrayal that any government has ever done.

Author: Blake Ambrose