Guess What Vanished During The California Election?

Some people were revealing this on social media during the California recall. Yes, the CA Governor Gavin Newsom won his election.

How? Well, I am sure everybody has their opinion about how the California GOP Party screwed things up—it is all something that could be debated for hours.

Newsom’s dinner with friends during the strict lockdowns was the kick-starter for this recall election. No one at that event had masks on and nobody was social distancing. The disconnect led to the anger and the recall.

Now, during CNN’s coverage of the election, people saw many votes that supported recalling Newsom disappear into thin air. They were pulled into the Bermuda Triangle. With around 350,000 votes going away, which the news outlet said was a staffer error (via AP):

The initial claim: During a CNN news coverage of the recall election over 350,000 votes to recall Governor Gavin Newsom suddenly vanished.

And AP’S spin: This is missing context. Edison Research, the polling company that gives election data to the news outlet, announced an information reporting error by staffers led the fake votes to briefly show on a live CNN newscast. The error was fixed in two minutes.

The real facts: Within hours of Governor Newsom handily beating the recall effort on Tuesday, social media users started sharing a video of someone watching CNN on election night, saying it showed real-time manipulation.

The clip, which spread via, Telegram, Gab, Twitter and Facebook, revealed a ticker at the bottom of CNN’s screen with the poll question, “Should Governor Newsom get recalled?” At first, the number was 4.5 million “no” along with 2.2 million “yes.” Just moments later, the ticker’s number of “yes” went down to 1.9 million.

GOP commentators questioned why the 351,000 votes were “DELETED,” and said the clip was proof of fraud and said it showed Gov. Newsom only kept his office due to machine glitches.

But Democrats report that the votes, which were cast inside a digital and automated machine, were changed due to a manual “reporting” error by a staffer at the county office inside Santa Clara. Who knows what the truth is. But this certainly looks weird given the whole thing is supposed to be automated.

Author: Scott Dowdy