Guess Who Just Torpedoed Biden’s Trillion-Dollar Goody Bag?

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin (WV) delivered a fatal hit to Biden’s huge $3.5 trillion agenda in a comment, saying that his bill was the “definition of fiscal insanity.”

Manchin said that every Congress-member has a duty to do what is best for the nation and not their party, saying what he has stated for months that he cannot back the $3.5 trillion spending bill.

“At some point, regardless of our party, we must ask the easy question – how much is enough?” Manchin said. “What I have said to the President and Dem leaders is that spending trillions on expanded government programs, when we cannot even pay for the social programs we have now, such as Social Security and Medicare, is exactly the definition of fiscal insanity.”

Democrats have been desperately attempting to push through their $3.5 trillion bill, which the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget has estimated might cost more than $5 trillion, through reconciliation, meaning they would just need a simple majority with 51 Senate votes to get it through.

“Suggesting that using trillions more will not impact inflation goes against the everyday reality that Americans are seeing which could be called an inflation tax,” Manchin said. “Proposing a historic increase of social programs while ignoring the fact that millions of jobs are open will only create more dysfunction that might weaken our recovery. This is the reality we face, and it is this reality we must shape the decisions that we, as elected leaders, should make.”

“Overall, the amount we use now must get balanced with what we can afford and what we need – not designed to recreate the economic and social fabric of this nation or vengefully taxes for the sake of wishful spending,” Manchin said. “While I hope common ground can be found that would mean another historic investment in our country, I cannot support trillions for an all or nothing approach that avoids the fiscal reality our country faces.”

Manchin ended, “If there is one lesson that will keep guiding me in this hard debate, it is this: America is a great country but great countries throughout history were weakened by careless spending and terrible policies.”

Author: Scott Dowdy