Guess Who’s Really Calling The Shots At The CDC?

Emails which were obtained by the Americans for Public Trust have revealed the CDC gave recommendations for children to be masked only after they were pressured by teachers unions.

The liberal National Education Association (NEA) sent a message via email to the White House angered by the CDC’s past guidance that would not force the masking of school children. Shortly after, the CDC altered their guidelines to recommend all school kids wear masks regardless of their vaccination status.

“This group of emails came only weeks after we exposed the teachers unions power over the CDC about school openings,” Caitlin Sutherland, the Americans for Public Trust Executive Director, said to Fox News. “Now, less than two weeks after that, they are at it again, but this time in connection to mask guidance.”

We have reported before about how the CDC has turned into a national punchline for their guidance that is obviously founded on political calculations instead of science and protecting public health:

“The CDC is expected to say Tuesday that completely vaccinated people start wearing masks indoors again in “areas with higher Covid-19 rates”, this is according to CNBC.”

“The sources suggest that some health officials are saying that fully vaccinated people represent a tiny amount of transmission.”

“This cannot be decided by data given through the federal government, as the CDC said it will not count any reports of vaccinated people getting infected unless it leads to hospitalization and/or death.”

“The CDC is having a briefing at 3 p.m. ET this Tuesday.”

The changed guidance comes before the fall season, with “experts” saying that the delta variant is thought to surge. They also report that states could be forced to bring back coerced masking and some unconstitutional lockdowns if the surge continues.

Observable data seems to show the delta variant is possibly much less as deadly as the other strains.

The COVID regime that is in power is the biggest crime group in history, and teachers unions and health bureaucrats are fully responsible for causing this senseless terror against children. They should be dealt with as child abusers when this is all over.

Author: Steven Sinclaire