Gun Confiscation Takes a Bizarre And Horrifying Turn

We have learned a lot concerning the CDC over the past year or so. The once apolitical agency that ostensibly was created to study diseases and give health guidelines has now forced itself into all aspects of daily life. One being insane requirements that destroy businesses.

But now, they have found their new “crisis” to increase their power and do the bidding of liberals. The CDC is next going to go after your guns.

This was hinted at before, with CDC Director Rochelle Walensky saying last month that she believed it was her job to handle America’s “gun violence epidemic.” Of course, even this phrase is nonsensical, as gun violence isn’t a disease and so it cannot become an “epidemic.” Instead, like with all crimes, gun violence comes from personal decisions to commit a specific crime, not health problems that cannot be controlled by people.

Yet, liberals are always seeking workarounds to end gun rights, and this is not an exception. Presumably, the CDC thinks it can use regulations to get around legal gun ownership under the idea that gun violence is a national “emergency.” These emergency powers, after all, have created the foundation for a lot of the government’s overreach recently.

But do not expect them to try to really confiscate your guns, because this would be too messy for them. Instead, they will be more underhanded. The Biden White House, for example, recently placed a ban on the importation of ammo from Russia, which was not only pushing ammo prices down but also made up a large bulk of ammo sold in the country. Those are moves to watch for. If you cannot get ammo, then what is a gun worth?

Worse, nothing the CDC will do can stop gun violence, because criminals don’t obey the law. Most gang shootings are done using illegal guns, and they are a huge bulk of the murders in this nation. A government that is serious about stopping gun violence would get to the real causes for this violence instead of the tools used. Instead, the FBI is anxious about white “extremism” and that is their main focus these days.

Author: Blake Ambrose