Gun Sales Skyrocket Thanks To Democrats

Americans, in reaction to Biden, have caused gun sales to surge last month, with more than 2 million guns being bought. Which is a 80% year-over-year increase and the second-highest month on record, according to an analysis of gun background checks.

Record-levels in gun sales were made in 2020, when nearly 23 million guns were purchased — a huge 64% increase over the prior year. In March, a total of 2.1 million guns were sold as the pandemic triggered uncertainty. With sales climbing to 2.8 million in June… and later to 2.5 million in July as the George Floyd riots were going on.

Law School professor Steven Dulan said to reporters that first-time gun buyers reported they did not think police departments could guard them after some law enforcement were overwhelmed during the far-left riots.

“The people that claimed they would never own a gun were trusting the police to guard them, and that delusion was destroyed,” Dulan said.

The record total of gun purchases in January of this year is following the trend of high gun sales at the start of President Biden’s administration, which has argued and pushed for stricter restrictions on guns.

New Jersey and Michigan saw the largest uptick in gun sales in the month versus the same month in 2020, the analysis reveals.

It was also noted that it is normal for gun sales to increase after a Democrat takes power. Three weeks in January had record-high levels of background checks and made it into the top five weeks recorded in the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

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