Have You Ever Said This In a Text? If So, Democrats Might Have Your Phone Bugged

The Biden White House has failed completely at their goal of achieving 70% vaccination by the start of July. It was unrealistic to begin with. Most Americans are not hard-wired to obey, even if the lockdowns proved that many people are.

Trying to vaccinate most Americans in only months was always nothing but a liberal dream. Now, the new insanity concerning covid involves the government going for conservatives not only by door-to-door harassment.

Now Biden’s White House and its underlings are laying plans to censor your family text messages in the same way that Big Tech companies censor your social media.

The Biden Admin. intends to activate liberal groups to pressure phone carriers to censor text messages that might contain “misinformation” about coronavirus, the vaccines, and God only knows what else they could consider to be wrong think.

What exactly is misinformation? Whatever these liberal fact-checkers say is misinformation. Who do these people work for? The Democrats. Who do the Democrats despise? White people and Republicans (with the overlap between the two being the most hated group). Who has the Biden White House made public enemy number one through insane hysteria about certain events? White people. Who are the people refusing to be take forced vaccinations which are more deadly than the disease it supposedly treats?

Not just white people, actually. The normal anti-vaccine crowd has of a lot of liberals and people of all colors, and those people are especially opposed to forcing vaccinations. This weekend I met a Democrat who informed me she would support any politician who opposes mandatory vaccinations. They are out there.

In any sane world, liberals would be angered by the idea of your phone company censoring your conversations. If you cannot remove someone’s utility service because they are using it to have discussions that are not based in facts, why would they believe it’s okay to censor written comments on a text conversation? People tell lies all the time about each other. If fact-checkers can control your access to utilities, where does this end?

It is nefarious and scary. And it reeks of schizophrenia by the people in power. It should be fought at every step.

Author: Scott Dowdy