Herschel Walker Denounces Trump For An Unbelievable Reason

Legendary football player Herschel Walker, who is running as a GOP member for the United States Senate seat in the state of Georgia, denounced new comments from Trump after he commented that conservatives wouldn’t vote in the upcoming elections if “we don’t deal with the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020.”

Walker, who was supported by Trump, was asked about Donald Trump’s comments during an interview with Brian Kilmeade this week on Fox News Radio.

“Is this the right message?” Kilmeade said. “Don’t vote if things are not perfect?”

“That is not the correct message to send,” Walker said. “I believe everyone must go out to vote. You know, we cannot look into the past. We cannot continue to look into the past. And that is what I have tried to tell people and, you know, President Donald Trump, I’m honored that he supported me because he knew I’m the right guy for the job.”

“But he also knows Herschel Walker will do it Herschel Walker’s way, meaning I will go out and I will run for this seat,” Walker said. “This is not Trump running, it’s Herschel Walker running. I have done what I believe I need to. And I know this nation, and I will go out and fight for this nation and fight for Georgia.”


BRIAN KILMEADE: Can you discuss how you have been received and what it has been like? You are doing something you have never done before, run for office.

HERSCHEL WALKER: Well, you know, people wonder why I’m running and I reply, ‘look around you,’ do you see what is happening? And you talked about it earlier about inflation increasing, you know, crime is absolutely terrible. We are teaching children to hate America, and you ask me why I’m running? I am running because America is not like this. This is not the United States I was raised in. And things are going well on this campaign, in just five weeks, we brought in more than $3.7 million, which is very good. We are now on track but it’s still going to be hard. That’s why I keep asking people to go to team Herschel dot com to help me to get. What is happening to this nation is a shame.

Author: Blake Ambrose