Hillary Clinton Struggles To Bury This Career-Ending Story

The fact that the Clinton election campaign is paying a penalty to the FEC is an admission of guilt, according to the House Intelligence Committee’s lead investigator, Kash Patel. This is being done to bury the narrative and avoid additional media attention on these unlawful activities, according to Patel.

“I believe the public understands what that is. It’s a means of burying the narrative since if they went against it, more media attention would mean more people looking into these issues,” Patel added.

“The Hillary Clinton campaign isn’t fighting it, they’re paying the fine. It’s as if the Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC simply don’t want a drawn-out legal battle, as if they’ve avoided taking anything or anyone to court in the past,” Patel continued.

According to documents released March 30, the FEC found probable cause that the campaign and DNC had violated federal law by describing payments that were eventually paid to Fusion GPS as going toward legal services and consulting.

“It explains to them how wrong they were to break the law by spending campaign money on smear campaigns against Trump, all of which was then deliberately used by the FBI to go before a secret court and surveil a United States presidential candidate and then a president of the United States—even though they knew it was false.”

The FEC, which is in charge of federal election regulations, found that the Hillary Clinton campaign had violated FEC rules regarding how donations may be utilized.

“We had demonstrated it previously,” said Patel. “What we knew when we ran the Russiagate investigation, Chairman Nunes and I, was that the Hillary Clinton campaign had paid for the Steele dossier, which is an opposition research hit job. We had already shown that a few years back.”

Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are seriously worried about where this all could lead. And they are very likely working to get it out of the way before a potential return of Donald Trump in 2024. Because with team MAGA being back in charge, and such a big legal hammer in their possession, it would be disastrous for Democrats.

Author: Scott Dowdy