Hollywood Goes Full Anti-White, Demands White Men Pay

The darling of the extreme liberal elite and washed-up comedian who previously announced her feelings for the disgraced former Gov. of NY Andrew Cuomo — thinks white men owe society an apology.

Chelsea Handler said “Men can be so disappointing” while talking on the weekly podcast “Full Release with Samantha Bee.”

She said: “I know that it is not all men, of course, I have to continue saying that, and it is very annoying. My brother says to me, ‘Chelsea, all white guys are not bad.’ But, you are for even saying that. Do not even be saying that.”

She later denied this statement by saying, “No one is saying that all the white guys are bad. We are saying there are so many bad ones out there, that as a group, you men owe us an apology.”

Chelsea Handler explained that white men may not be responsible individually for doing anything wrong, but combined they have had an “unfair advantage” over women.

She said, “The behavior pattern [of white men] in our culture is not your fault, but you have to realize that you have had an advantage that is not fair and women have paid the price for that, period.”

Chelsea Handler went on to say that when a group that is considered to have privilege problems and voices a complaint or has an opinion, their view is “not important.”

She said, “It is like when a white person is talking about racism, as if they know anything about what the effect or impact will be … your opinion is not important.”

This is not the comedian’s first assault into wakeness.

In July 2020, while talking with NPR, Chelsea Handler said that she has “plainly been the beneficiary of white privilege” and that she would like to “know how to be a better white person to colored people.”

Chelsea Handler told NPR that after Trump became Pres. of the United States she looked for therapy to “work out her politics, but instead she ended up dealing with race.”

Handler said, “After looking at myself and realizing that my success had much to do with the color of my skin, I really wanted to do something that would set an example about how to help.”

“Because at this point,” she continued, “To just say you are not racist is not enough. We have to be working to take apart the system because we are receiving benefits in exchange for other people losing their benefits.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire