Hunter’s Laptop Reveals Another Disgusting Family Secret

Hunter Biden’s computer keeps giving Americans proof of the type of person he is.

Biden allegedly had a relationship with Lunden Roberts, a stripper who worked at a club where Biden was a regular visitor. Roberts ended up becoming pregnant with Hunter’s daughter.

Hunter denied he was the father of the child, and even also denied having ever meeting Roberts. He was brought to court and forced to pay child support. Roberts’ daughter, in 2019, was linked through a DNA test to be Hunter’s daughter.

Reports have surfaced that Roberts was on Hunter’s payroll during the pregnancy but was then removed after she gave birth.

Roberts sent a message to Biden to tell him their daughter’s due date was Sept. 8.

“Amoeba due date Sep 8, 2018 Everythings Good,” she said.

The message got no response from Hunter. Fifteen days after this, on Aug. 8, Roberts sent another message.

It’s clear you do not want to be reached,” she said. “Need to speak with you. If you want to talk, my line is open. Hope everything is ok.” Again, he did not reply.

Hunter also admitted in messages that he had deleted Roberts from insurance. He asked his assistant Katie Dodge for details about his company, Rosemont Seneca.

“And to be clear, who is paid right now and for the previous nine months?” he asked, saying in subsequent messages, “So when you removed her and redirected her income did it stop my insurance too.”

Dodge replied that: “No, Lunden being removed does not jeopardize the insurance.”

Though not all of the legal settlement between Hunter and Lunden has been disclosed, Hunter said in his memoir, “Beautiful Things,” they he questioned his child’s paternity because he did not remember the “sexual encounters” with Lunden.

Author: Blake Ambrose