Hunter’s Laptop Story Causes Chaos Among The Left

John Paul Mac Isaac was the IT and computer repair man with who Hunter Biden left his laptop with. Hunter then forgot it — that is how Mac Isaac suddenly found himself the legal owner of Hunter’s laptop. What he saw so worried him as an American citizen, that he turned it over to the FBI and also gave one copy to Rudy Giuliani who then gave it to the NY Post. If he not done this, we would not know what we know at this time — that was a heroic choice on his part and he suffered a great deal for it. He previously gave a TV interview with Fox News and revealed how he was harassed.
Mac Isaac was assaulted and slandered for caring about his country. He was charged with spreading Russian disinformation, and it was even alleged that he had obtained “hacked” data. He also lost his company as a result of the controversy. But he’s had enough and is seeking retribution for how he was treated. Mr. Isaac just filed a defamation suit against Rep. Adam Schiff, The Daily Beast, CNN, and Politico.

From NY Post:

“All I want now is for everyone to know there was a deliberate and  collective effort by social and media companies to prevent a genuine story with real outcomes from being told,” Mac Isaac, 45, said.

“This was collusion spearheaded by 51 former intelligence officials and backed up by the actions and words of a politically fueled DOJ and FBI,” he said. “I want this new lawsuit to prove that collusion, as well as who gave the orders.” [….]

“Twitter labeled my action as hacking, so I was flooded with death threats and hate mail. It centered on the idea that I’m a thief, hacker, and a criminal.”

“Schiff, who heads the House Intelligence Committee, “has some explaining” to do, according to Mac Isaac.”

“Without any knowledge, the chair of the intelligence committee decided to push a fabrication on CNN viewers that was completely and totally untrue,” Mac Isaac added. “A false statement made in the interest of a preferred presidential candidate.”

“Mac Isaac claims he’s been subjected to false allegations of being a Russian spy and even a “stooge” for Vladimir Putin.”

“The effort to figure out who said this was Russian disinformation is far more essential for the country than me defending myself,” Mac Isaac added.

Mac Isaac is requesting $1 million for the damages he experienced.

Author: Steven Sinclaire