Illegal Immigrants Wreak Havoc In Deadly Knife Attack

Baltimore County Police Department

The Baltimore County Police Department announced that seven suspects, were charged with killing 21-year-old Daniel Alejandro Alvarado Cuellar. Of those 7 assailants, 6 were confirmed as part of the MS-13 gang who had entered the country illegally according to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

The police also issued a statement with updated findings

“We know this group of individuals was conducting surveillance on him, they were watching him, following him. We know they watched as he left the laundromat and went back across the street to the apartment complex and that is where some of those individuals accosted him,” Baltimore County Police Officer Jennifer Peach told Fox 45. “We know they used knives and multiple people stabbed him multiple times.”

The seven suspects were all charged with first-degree murder, according to police.

An ICE spokeswoman told Fox News on Sunday that the agency has issued six immigration detainers. The federal agency said that detainers were lodged once the individuals entered local law enforcement custody on murder charges, all of which were for the MS-13 members.

Investigators believe that Cuellar’s killing was due to a war between two rival Latino street gangs, the 18th Street and MS-13, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Officials were first tipped off to the illegal immigrants gang affiliations when one of the members was seen making a hand gesture that was believed to be “indicative of an affiliation with the 18th Street,” detectives wrote in charging documents obtained by the Sun.

MS-13 is active in Maryland, but is usually focused in the suburbs around Washington D.C.

Earlier this year, another attack occurred, in which a 14-year-old girl was killed with a machete and a baseball bat when MS-13 gang members turned on an associate “in extremely violent behavior.”

To top that, the slaying of the 14-year old came only months after authorities arrested five MS-13 gang members for the murder of another MS-13 member, Jacson Chicas, 16, who was viciously stabbed over 100 times and then dumped on the side of a road and lit on fire.

That is just an example of what they’re willing to do to their own people, never mind the average American citizen.

These are evil people committing these crimes, and the laws Democrats are pushing for would allow for more of them to enter into our country.

In 2019, officials said that MS-13 has been ramping up recruitment in the D.C. area after taking a break in 2018.

“We’ve seen a rise in gang activity here this spring. There have been a few homicides in the region, as you’ve seen,” Jay Lanham, director of the Northern Virginia Gang Task Force, told Fox 5 in June.

“Last year, we saw the gangs, especially MS-13, laying low. We arrested a lot of the program and clique leaders, so their leadership was lacking.”

MS-13, also known as La Mara Salvatrucha, is known for their recruiting habits of picking up young teenagers from El Salvador and Honduras. The gang has been blamed for dozens of killings since January 2016 across a wide swath of New York’s Long Island, the Los Angeles area, and the D.C suburbs.

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