Illegals Get Jaw-Dropping ‘Gift’ From Democrats

Democrats in New York state are preparing a fund that would grant some illegals and ex-convicts over $27,000 each in payments for hardships connected to the covid pandemic.

Politico reported this week that Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office is in discussions with state leaders to create the Excluded Workers Fund, which would give payments to “formerly incarcerated people and undocumented immigrants” who missed work opportunities during the pandemic.

“Right now talk is centered around access and eligibility,” Democratic state Senator Jessica Ramos told the news outlet.

New York state would provide $2.1 billion for the new fund, which would mean $600 in unemployment backpay benefits for each week people were jobless from March until July in 2020.

An additional weekly check of $300 would be given to those unemployed from Aug. 1 to this September.

Some illegals and ex-convicts might get an immediate payment of $20,700, with another $6,600 coming after.

Politico has reported it had contacted many Republicans for comment and none of them has opposed the new fund.

The state’s outnumbered Republican delegation may simply use the handouts to illegals against Democrats in elections, according to what Politico said was “a source close to negotiations.”

“They want this to have the most insane terms so they can use it against Democrats,” the source said.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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