Insider Reveals Just How Far Pelosi’s Hatred Goes

Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) told reporters this Wednesday that Democrats and not Republicans are being given Secret Service protection under the order of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA).

Tuberville compared DC’s response to unrest on January 6 to the many dozens of violent leftist-driven riots in American cities throughout 2020.

“Over the last year, we had 230 riots,” Tuberville states. “They were very disruptive, with people getting injured, and then of course the one here in DC, which should not have happened … on January 6th.”

Tuberville stated he and his colleagues “have not been briefed on one thing” about possible threats to their security.

He added, “Now Pelosi wants to protect her group. They all have huge security teams. Taxpayers are paying for these Secret Service and black SUVs driving these Democratic congressmen around, not Republicans, only Democrats.

“If they feel like they can’t handle this, they should go home,’ Tuberville said of Democrats portraying themselves as threatened. “Just go back home.”

Tuberville also described the covid bill, said by Democrats to be a “relief” package, as a “bank heist.”

“The two trillion dollars they gave away is not for coronavirus,” Tuberville said. “It’s payback for the election, and a payout to their bad mayors and governors across the nation. We gave them $350 billion dollars, but how much will be used for our roads and to help Americans?”

He went on, “This was the largest heist. It was a heist of taxpayer money. … and we only discussed it for 25 hours. You would think we would debate it for weeks.”

“It’s the largest scam Americans have ever seen,” he added.

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