Insurance CEO Reveals Who Is Really Dying From Covid — It’s Not Who We’ve Been Told

Deaths for working-age Americans are now up by a whopping 40%, according to Scott Davison, the CEO of OneAmerica.

“What we witnessed in the third quarter, we are seeing it go into the fourth quarter, is that death rates were up 40% over what they were during the pre-pandemic time,” Davison said during a virtual news conference right before New Years.

“We are seeing the highest death rates we have ever seen in our industry’s history – not only at OneAmerica.”

The increased deaths happening now are almost exclusively among “working-age Americans 18 to 64.”

Davison said to viewers, “Just to give you an idea of how bad it is, a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% higher than the pre-pandemic time.”

“40% is simply unheard of,” he said.

Your usual Mainstream Media or government report hypes the amount of positive tests, even though not everyone has test results that show positive. What Davison has for his numbers are actually the life insurance actuarial tables that make or break his company.

So when I first saw a life insurance CEO stating that working-age deaths were higher by 40%, I thought that is literally his business to understand these facts.

As Dr. Robert Malone put it — on Substack, after his Twitter ban — this “is a nuclear truth bomb masquerading as the insurance agent’s actuarial tables.”

Last week, the Indiana Dept. of Health reported 12,020 new coronavirus cases for Thursday alone, and that is a record. But there were only 48 COVID deaths, around a third less than the last time the caseload was so high.

“What the data reveals is that the deaths were being reported as COVID deaths greatly understating the real deaths among working-age people during the pandemic,” Davison said. “It might not all be COVID being reported on their death certificate, but deaths were huge numbers.”

What could make this large increase in working-age deaths, when ICU beds are only around one third filled with COVID patients?

Malone worries the vaccines are causing the big mortality increase, but that so far is just conjecture.

Author: Scott Dowdy