Iran Mocks 9/11, Warranting A Fierce Response From President Trump.

Image Source: National Insiders

President Trump delivered a stern warning to Iran via Twitter Sunday afternoon. Trump promised that a war between the U.S. and Iran would bring about “the official end of Iran” and to “never threaten the United States again!”

Trump’s tweet was in response to a rocket that landed less than a mile from the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone, the first such attack since September. An Iraqi military spokesman told reporters the rocket appeared to have been fired from east Baghdad, which is home to several Iran-backed Shiite militias. Trump’s dealings with Iran thus far have come from a position of power, a stark difference from Obamas tactics which can be compared to letting a school yard bully take your lunch money instead of dealing with him.

Tensions have risen steadily between the U.S. and Iran recently stemming from Trump’s strong response to Iranian threats of attacks against United States interests in which his administration ordered warships and bombers to the middle east. Additionally, The U.S. also ordered nonessential staff out of their diplomatic posts in Iraq days after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Baghdad told Iraqi intelligence that the United States had been picking up intelligence that Iran is threatening American interests in the Middle East.

Trump shifted his focus recently towards taking a more peaceful approach, saying he expects Iran to seek negotiations with his administration. Asked on Thursday if the U.S. might be on a path to war with Iran, the president answered, “I hope not.”

Questionable comments have been made by the Iranian side. The head of the country’s elite Revolutionary Guard, Gen. Hossein Salami, was quoted Sunday as saying Iran is not looking for war. But he said the U.S. is going to fail in the near future “because they are frustrated and hopeless” and are looking for a way out of the current escalation. His comments, given to other Guard commanders, were reported by Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency.

Another potential player in the region if a war were to break out is Saudi Arabia. Their minister of state for foreign affairs told reporters that the kingdom “does not want war in the region and does not strive for that … but at the same time, if the other side chooses war, the kingdom will fight this with all force and determination and it will defend itself, its citizens and its interests.” Adel al-Jubeir’s comments come a week after four oil tankers— two of which were Saudi owned— were targeted in an alleged act of sabotage off the coast of the United Arab Emirates and days after Iran-allied Yemeni rebels claimed a drone attack on a Saudi oil pipeline. The Saudis have held Iran responsible for the pipeline attack, accusing Tehran of arming the rebel Houthis, with which a Saudi-led coalition has been at war in Yemen since 2015.

An English-language Saudi newspaper close to the palace recently published an editorial calling for surgical U.S. airstrikes in retaliation for Iran’s alleged involvement in targeting Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure.

The current tensions are rooted in Trump’s decision last year to withdraw the U.S. from the terrible Obama era nuclear accord which saw Iran being enriched to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars while building out a dangerous nuclear arsenal. Trump elected to instead impose wide-reaching sanctions, including on Iranian oil exports that are crucial to its economy in an effort to cripple their nuclear program. Iran has been clear about the fact that it would resume enriching uranium at higher levels if a new cushy nuclear deal is not reached by July 7.

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