Is America More Divided Under Biden or Trump?

Many Americans say the nation has got more divided since President Biden entered the White House than those who say the nation is more united.

Twenty-eight percent of people think we are “more divided” under Biden’s leadership, compared to 23 percent who say we are “more united,” according to an Ipsos poll.

But the poll, which contradicts the mainstream media’s narrative, did not stop ABC from creating a headline that touted Biden’s support from “two-thirds of Americans who say we are heading in the right direction.”

They ignored the negative numbers for President Biden by using other numbers:

“Nearly half the nation (48%) does not report changing their opinion on America’s unity since Biden took over, believing the nation is not any more divided or united. Opinions on the polarization of the nation during Biden have fallen along party divides, with 95% of Dems saying the nation is either more united (45%) or the same (50%), and 97% of GOP members say the country is more divided (65%) or the same (32%).”

Americans are aware of the media’s partisanship. Forbes reported previously that “61% of people believe ‘The media is not being objective.’”

Despite this bias, Biden is underwater in even more polling. An NBC survey showed last week that Biden has a lower popularity among police by eight percent.

Also, polling showed “49 percent of people disapproving of his handling of immigration, rising eight points from March,” it was reported.

It should also be stressed that Biden gave his Congressional address on Wednesday with a 44 percent lower viewership than President Trump’s speech in 2017.

Author: Steven Sinclaire