Is Biden Traveling To Europe To Stop Or Start WW3?

The White House announced this week that Pres. Joe Biden will make a trip to Brussels for a special meeting with NATO next week. The focus of the visit will be on the continuing war on Ukraine being waged by Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin. Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, told reporters about the trip in a daily briefing.

“Pres. Joseph R. Biden, Jr. will make a trip to Brussels, Belgium this month. Pres. Joe Biden will join a NATO summit on March 24 that will be extraordinary to discuss continuing deterrence and defense efforts because of Russia’s unjustified and unprovoked attack on Ukraine as well as to confirm our ironclad dedication to our NATO Allies,” Psaki stated. “President Joe Biden will also join a scheduled European Council Summit scheduled to talk about our concerns that we share about Ukraine, including the transatlantic efforts to put economic costs on Russia, give humanitarian support to those that are affected by the violence, and discuss other challenges that is related to the conflict.”

Pres. Biden has continually said that the U.S. will defend “every inch” of NATO.

“We are going to be sure that Ukraine has the weapons they need to defend themselves from invading Russian force,” Joe Biden told House Dems at a retreat last week. “We are going to welcome Ukrainian refugees if they come all the way here, with open arms. And as we support Ukraine, we are going to keep standing together with our European allies and send a message that is unmistakable. A message that we will defend every inch of NATO territory with a united, galvanized NATO and one movement.”

Last week, at least one Russian drone flew into Poland – a NATO country – and then went back to Ukraine.

Pres. Joe Biden and the Dems, along with war mongering GOP members won’t stop for nothing until they get rid of any signs of resistance to their globalist agenda. Whether that is white MAGA backers in America, or Russian nationalists in Russia. The Ukraine war is not as simple as evil vs good that the mainstream media makes it seem to be. The truth is censored and always being labeled “misinformation” by the powers that be. How much longer will it be until going against the narrative is made illegal?

Author: Blake Ambrose